Reliance Digital Replacement Policy: Hassle-Free Solutions for Your Electronics

reliance digital replacement policy

Introduction In today’s fast-changing world, where electronic gadgets has become a big part of our lives. We depend on various devices like phones, laptops, and more for work and fun. However, there might be instances where these devices encounter issues or defects. This is where a comprehensive replacement policy comes into play. In this article, … Read more

NE, Darjeeling Students racially abused and receive rape threat at Durand Cup 2023 in EBFC vs NEUFC Semi Final match

durand cup

Amid a lively football match of Durand Cup 2023 between North East United FC and East Bengal FC at Kolkata’s Vivekananda Yuba Bharati stadium, known as the Salt Lake stadium, a group of students from the Northeast and Darjeeling became victims of hurtful words, offensive comments, and even physical attacks. According to The Indian Express, … Read more

Will Kalki Born in 2025: The Mysterious Future Avatar

Kalki avatar

Introduction: Will Kalki Born in 2025? Intriguing predictions and prophecies have always captured human imagination. One such prophecy revolves around the birth of Kalki, a legendary figure in Hinduism believed to be the future tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to certain sources, Kalki Appearance will lead the earth into sparkling eras of purity and … Read more

Aprilia RS 440 Launch Date Confirmed – Price Details

Aprilia RS 440

Aprilia will be entering the 300 cc – 400 cc segment in India with the upcoming sports bike named Aprilia RS 440. This Bike is based on the bigger Aprilia RS 660 sports motorcycle. Aprilia, which is owned by Piaggio, will introduce a 440cc sports bike in India alongside competitors like the KTM RC 390, … Read more

Who Invented the Underwear: Unraveling the Origins of a Wardrobe Essential

who invented the underwear

When you think about the topic Underwear, one question arise in your mind that is “Who Invented the Underwear” for humans. Through this article we try to understand the origins of Underwear. Introduction: Who Invented the Underwear To Wear? The earliest designs and sales of underwear like what we see today occurred in the early … Read more

Fastrack Watches Under 1500: 5 Best Affordable, Style and Functionality

fastrack watches under 1500

Are you searching for Fastrack Watches under 1500 rupees that offer cool, stylish, durability and affordable, then in this article, we are explores the 5 best Fastrack brand watches  catering to budget-conscious individuals who do not want to compromise on style and quality. Introduction Fastrack has carved a niche in the watch market by offering … Read more

Bawal Movie Ban From OTT: Isreal Groups Complain To Amazon Prime Video


Nitesh Tiwari directed film Bawal starting Varun Dhawan and Jhanvi Kapoor received criticism over one scene in the film. The Film Bawaal was release in 21 July in Amazon Prime Video. Isreal Bawal Controversy Since the film’s OTT release, it has come under fire for the usage of an Auschwitz metaphor to cope with a … Read more

Harmanpreet Kaur Husband: Unveiling the Mystery Behind Her Personal Life

harmanpreet kaur husband

Introduction When one name that’s shining brightest in cricket is Harmanpreet Kaur when it comes to women’s cricket in India. Known for her powerful batting and high-quality leadership skills, she has left an indelible mark around the cricket global. One of the questions it really is most normally requested by way of her fans and … Read more

How Fast Does an Electric Bike Go? One (1) Limit You Should Know

how fast does an electric bike go

Introduction: How Fast does an Electric Bike Go In latest years, Electric bikes or e-bikes, have obtained massive reputation, due to their green nature and the blessings they offer to riders. With their electric motors, these bikes provide an added boost, making cycling less strenuous. If you are curious about the rate talents of electrical … Read more

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