What Time Does Cricket Close: “Cricket Closing Time Decoded”

Introduction: The Question is what time does cricket close ?

As the sun sets on the cricket grounds and fans make their way home, one common question arises – “What time does cricket close?” Cricket, being an immensely popular sport worldwide, operates on diverse schedules that can vary based on the type of match, location, and several other factors. In this blog post, we will explore the typical timings of cricket matches and delve into the various factors that influence when cricket action concludes for the day.

what time does cricket close

Cricket Formats and Their Schedules

Cricket involves three main formats: Tests match, one day internationals and Twenty20 matches. So the question arises among us that what time does cricket close to each format, who has its own unique timetable.

Test Match:

Test matches are the longest format, spanning five days of play. The game actually starts early in the morning, and ends late at evening . Regular breaks for tea and lunch are provided to grant players adequate rest. All Teams are played with white clothes and red ball in test match.

test match

One-Day Internationals (ODIs):

ODIs are limited to 50 overs per side and typically kick off either in the morning or early afternoon, culminating in the evening. ODIs game are played sometime day games or day and night games with white ball.


Twenty20 (T20) Matches:

T20 matches are the shortest format, comprising 20 overs per side. These matches are often scheduled during the evening hours to attract larger crowds and higher TV viewership. Most of the times, Twenty20 games are played in day and night games.

t20 matches

Day and Night Matches

In recent times, cricket has embraced day and night matches, especially in the shorter formats. Day and night matches involve the use of a pink ball, which improves visibility under floodlights. These matches usually commence in the late afternoon and continue well into the night, making them convenient for working individuals and families to attend.

Weather and Light Conditions

Weather conditions play a significant role in determining the closing time of cricket matches or question comes around cricket fans that what time does cricket close. Rain delays can lead to suspensions, postponements, or even complete abandonment of games. Additionally, poor light conditions may force early closure, especially during Test matches, prioritizing player safety.

cricket match

Match Interruptions and Extensions

Cricket is renowned for its unpredictability, and interruptions due to rain, bad light, or unforeseen circumstances can lead question arise among us that what time does cricket close or to match extensions. In Test match, lost time may be compensated by extending the match to subsequent days to ensure a decisive result. In One day international and Twenty 20 match also sometime don’t get the reserve day to play matches because of match interruption and badly affect on players and fans.

Time Zone Variations

With cricket being played globally, time zone variations must be considered when determining the closing time or what time does cricket close. Matches held in different countries with varying time zones may have different start and end times to cater to local audiences and television viewers.


In conclusion, the ending time or what time does cricket close of a cricket match depends on several factors, including the format, location, weather, and lighting conditions. While Test matches typically conclude in the evening after a day’s play, ODIs and T20s may finish in the late afternoon or evening. The popularity of day and night matches has made cricket more accessible to fans worldwide. Nevertheless, interruptions due to weather or light conditions can significantly impact the closing time.

Cricket enthusiasts are advised to stay updated with the match schedule and official sources to be well-informed about the closing time of their favourite matches. So, get ready for an exhilarating day or evening of cricket action!

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